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Oakland, CA

Night Ballet is the ambient/dream pop project of Oakland-based artist Aubrey Fisch and producer Geoff Saba. The two-piece create nocturnal melodies that ebb and flow between gossamer lightness, ethereal synths, and bleak, doom-laden timbres.

On their debut release, Fear of Touch, Saba’s diaphanous piano sweeps meet the narcotic crawl of Fisch’s voice to guide sparse percussion and phantom harmonies into sonorous dissolution. Burrowed beneath their hypnotic synthesizers lies a web of tentacular rhythms that slither and drift amidst hushed textures—unconcerned with being discovered. The three extended pieces on the EP create a shared intimacy with the listener, intended to act as a window into a forgotten dream that explores the soul’s darkest fears and deepest fantasies.​


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